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Custom built. All 100% Solid Walnut sapwood top. Harvested from fallen American Walnut trees  right here in the Midwest! 
Perfect size, top measures 18" inches x 12' inches top, x 5.5" inches high.
Each top is unique!  Sealed with several coats of clear polyurethane to show the natural, rich colors of the natural wood. Base painted your choice of colors. 
 Each stool is unique with it's own  character. Clean lines, modern, contemporary, simplistic design.  

All are stools are extremely well built, super strong. Built with Kreg screw constructed for solid, legs slightly tapered for stability, and years of use. MADE TO ORDER! Approx build time is 2 weeks! STOOLS DO HAVE TO BE BUILT!

Walnut sapwood top, low riser, bed stool, stand, wood step stool, foot stool

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