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woodmizer sawmill
log's ready to sawmill into lumber

About Us

Personal Approach!
Growing up in the mid west, surrounded by farm ground, we see daily, how the trees are being taken down pushed into piles, burned. Also seeing old irreplaceable barns taken apart to make furniture, or birdhouses.
When we are surrounded by such valuable commodities, it makes sense to use what most would throw away, and build a substantial product, that will last generations!  
We take pride in building great quality products!
We mill all our lumber ourselves on our mill and dry it to around 6-8 %.
Then the fun begins, We are only limited by our own imagination! We welcome new ideas! We love working with wood and creating. 
Customer satisfaction is so important to us. There is nothing more rewarding than that!
Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts you might have, would love to hear from ya! 
Excellence and Professionalism 
We are commited to providing a great quality, life long, lasting product, with fantastic customer service!
walnut live edge wood

We also sell on Etsy

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